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The New Marina – Update From the Developer: November 2009

Mirobo Partner Rob Williams reports, “We are expecting a call from the TVA Tuesday mid-November with some good news.

Click the Layout icon above to see s a graphic of our marina slip plan for Zone 6 which is just East of the boat ramp. Right now, our plan is to place a 90 x 90 foot marina market store with gasoline pumps, and a possible kitchen, and decking leading to 140 slips in the initial location. This will allow us to get the necessary infrastructure in place to support a marina and to expand it over time as slips are rented. Unlike land-based structures, marina components can be expanded and upgraded by simply floating new components into place.

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We expect to be in business for the Spring 2010 boating season. We have established a wait list for slip rentals which we expect to announce at the November 14th Annual Owners Meeting. We want VNL owners to have “first dibs” on marina slips.

In today’s bank lending environment, loans for any development endeavor must be supported by a business expansion plan that is consistently met. We will start small and grow as quickly as new slip rental contracts are signed.

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Marina slips are a supply-demand business, and we expect that demand will exceed supply in the next few years. We will be ready to meet the demand quickly and efficiently at the Villages marina.

The Amenities Committee has established the marina as the most important first step for the Villages. They are also proposing a pool and pavilion located close to the marina with room set aside for a possible club house if that’s what the owners want. The Committee will be formalizing its recommendations, getting pricing quotes and obtaining owner input in the next few months.

We are proud of our past succtess with Mirobo Marina Operations and in spite of the sluggish economy we believe that water recreation on The Villages at Norris Lake will continue to be active and growing in the years ahead.”

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