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Success tends to replicate itself when the right hands are in the mix. The Villages at Norris Lake has made more advances in the first 8 months of ownership by the new developers than the first 5 years of ownership by the previous developer. Pioneering marina owner-operator Steve Williams mentored a talented, energetic and visionary team of young entrepreneurs including Mike Martinez, Rob Williams, and Boog Potter. Forming the MIROBO management and development group, and coordinating closely with the existing homeowners association after the failure of the former development and sales company, Land Resources, they formed the Emerson Group and acquired The Villages at Norris Lake in March 2009.

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Already successfully operating 3 of the 19 marinas on Norris Lake, the partners quickly allied with local government officials and homeowners anxious to reverse the setback of the progress which had been underway, and settled the
bond and brought in an experienced excavation firm. Working jointly with the homeowners association, the manage- ment company for the HOA, the sales team from Tennessee Home Finders and many local politicians, lenders, construction engineers, surveyors and builders, The Villages at Norris Lake has made an incredible turnaround.

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In less than a year, sales are already beginning to accelerate, owners are making plans to build, a marina permit is in process and progress in every area of concern has been accomplished. Insightful team players, the MIROBO group
is already making plans for continued develop and progress in The Villages at Norris Lake.

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