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Future Development

Under the direction of the MIROBO group, the continuation of the project at The Villages at Norris Lake has seen the accomplishment of nearly all of its one year goals … in just the first 7 months, to date in November 2009.

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Plans are currently being engineered and discussed about the utilization of the common areas around the boat launch, the former Rainbow Marina Restaurant’s 28 acre site, and the last three ridges of lots in phase two. Among the possibilities being discussed are the conversion of remaining Ridges lots in sections 2, 3 and 4 into large-acre parcels, which would allow for the sale of estate-sized lots — a rare find this close to the water anywhere on the lake.

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This will add a new dimension to the Villages and enhance overall property values. Due to heavy rains thru 2009, Street C may not be fully paved until March 2010 as the Asphalt plant is closed from late November until March each
year. Proposed revisions to Phase Two are available here.

Working jointly with the homeowners association, the MIROBO group is entertaining proposals for cooperative investment in further improvements throughout the community–from signs to swimming pools, and picnic tables to

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